Vodoke Playstaq is a patented Android entertainment set-top box bringing Interactive Entertainment to the whole family.
With ARM Cortex-A9 CPU and DDR3 RAM you can expect high performance and efficient and fast content switching. An embedded Open GL 3D GPU gives you a super anti-aliasing 3D Gaming experience. Android 4.0.4 OS for stable and seamless operation.

215.00 USD

Gen5 Remote Control

Gyroscope and G-Sensors for 'Wii-like' gaming experience

40.00 USD

Playstaq Set

Playstaq + Gen5 Remote Control + Fin2 + Digital Antenna

248.00 USD


Vodoke Fin2 USB Dongle is a simple yet effective receiver which plugs into either a laptop or the Vodoke Playstaq to convert DVB-T2 signal to Digital TV.

35.00 USD

Gen6 Remote Control (Sold Out)

Vodoke Gen6 Remote Control is a powerful remote which enables you to Talk, Type, Listen and Play.
The multi-purpose Gen6 acts like a phone, gaming joystick, and allows you to plug in headphones when you want to enjoy content privately. With the Gen6 you can type long messages, and 'share' or 'like' anything on your TV immediately with your friends on major social networking sites.
Instantly transform the way you interact with your TV with our latest Gen6 Remote Control!

59.00 USD